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A place for current and aspiring scholars of BTS to connect, inspire, & grow together.


A resource library for BTS

Handpicked from the BTS Syllabus and Bangtan Scholars together we've created a curated list of BTS resources.

Explore the Library
Explore the Library

Level up your teams skills

Our cohorts for businesses take a learn-by-doing approach, with designers collaborating live in the latest real-time design tools. You're team gets step-by-step instructions, and can ask questions and get feedback weekly.

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Find a cohort
For professionals
building bts's legacy together
Empowering those engaging or interested in BTS scholarship to promote each other's work, exchange ideas, and expand knowledge across different disciplines worldwide.


Create a collaborative, inclusive network that brings together people around the world who are engaging or interested in BTS scholarship.


Expand knowledge and promote the work of members to extend beyond our network, making a greater impact in our respective fields and society as a whole.


Promote academic work about BTS & ARMY. Provide resources for researchers, academics, and fans alike.


BTS ARMY are avid learners. You’ll be able to work on projects that matter to you and see the impact.


See why our cohorts are loved by our alumni

We have a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni.

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