Bangtan Scholars Network

Allowing individuals from around the world to join our network and showcase their interests, experience and expertise, fostering the potential for discovery of BTS-related works and collaboration across academic spaces.



The Discord server allows individuals worldwide to join our network for the discovery of BTS-related works and collaboration across academic spaces.

Our network members are scholars from all levels and backgrounds who are actively involved in BTS-related research.


Apply to Join

Admissions are offered twice a year, so you'll need to decide which time of year works best for you to start.

At the moment, applications are closed. We will make an announcement publicly when applications open again!


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Start your networking journey and introduce yourself to your fellow Bangtan Scholars.

All members of the network will have exclusive access to discussion panels, webinars, BTS author book talks, study-groups, and more.

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Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

Our team is here to give you the support you need.

What is the Bangtan Scholars network?

The Bangtan Scholars network is a Discord server for those who are actively engaged in researching topics related to BTS and/or ARMY.

The network is intended for ARMY researchers (or those working on BTS/ARMY topics) to have discussions, find collaborators, share resources, and post their researcher profiles.

Who is intended to use the "Bangtan Scholars Network"?

Our network (hosted on Discord) is intended for those who are actively engaged in BTS or ARMY research projects.

We hope that the directory serves as an engine for our community to seek out other scholars with whom they share a common interest in BTS-research related work, and such use of the network is therefore encouraged.

What is a Bangtan Scholar?

Simply put, a scholar can be described as a person devoted to learning who shares knowledge, ideas, and results in order to enhance understanding of a topic or area.

A Bangtan Scholar is anyone who engages in furthering knowledge and research on BTS-focused topics.

Connected through passion and interest in the greater impact of BTS, Bangtan Scholars are not limited to individuals in a specific discipline and come from diverse backgrounds and experience.

What will affect my application not being chosen?

Our Discord network is not intended to be a social platform.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate active and/or ongoing work on BTS or ARMY research topics.

Formal publications are helpful, but not an absolute requirement. Self-published materials can be used to demonstrate active involvement in the field.

How often is your response time?

Our response time varies from a few days to a week, with the slowest times usually being August/September and December/January.

What if I’m not currently researching about BTS?

If you’re not currently working on research related to BTS and don’t plan to start soon, or you don't plan on utilizing the network to share ideas and connect with others, this network may not be for you.

You can always join us later when you get started! Our resource library and website will remain open access for everyone.

Are there requirements to join the network?

While the Bangtan Scholars website and resource library are available for public viewing, you must be at least 18 years old to apply for admission to our Discord.

The network is open to anyone 18+ currently engaged in BTS/ARMY related research.

How do I apply to join the Discord network?

At the moment, invitations to apply to our Discord server are limited to our current network. As a small team, we are testing the waters with this new endeavor! We will open up applications publicly in the future.

Are there any fees?

Bangtan Scholars is a fan-led project with the desire to bring forward connection, inspiration, and growth related to promoting BTS’s legacy through research. We do not charge those wishing to apply for our Discord, browse the directory, or use our resources page. You can use our directory and resource list for free. However, if you wish to donate to this project, you are more than welcome to! Donations are used to defray costs of running the website. 

Please note: Donations are non-refundable except in the instance of an individual inadvertently making a duplicate payment or when a refund may be granted by the internal Bangtan Scholars team at its discretion in regard to a technological, administrative, or related issue.

How often do you update your privacy policy?

Our team reviews the privacy policy at least once a year to make sure it reflects your current data processing activities.

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